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Digikett is manufacturer of integrated print solutions!

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Digikett is a printing company specializing in innovative and high-quality printed products. Our goal is to create the right printing products for your needs and to make you stand out with intelligent and integrated paper products.

We are a highly qualified and motivated family business in the north of Germany.

We produce printed products with laminated, integrated cards and integrated labels, which are seamlessly embedded in the paper and are detached easily. We are also specialists for continuous forms and personalized advertising in black and white and full colour.

Digikett products are produced with great expertise and attention to detail.

With our seven laminating systems, we are able to implement complex form solutions quickly - from small numbers (1000 DIN A4) to large runs (up to now 35 million pieces in two months).

Integrated labels

Integrated labels, shipping labels or self-adhesive labels integrated into the form. These can easily be personalized in any standard printer. As a specialized manufacturer Quality integrated paper products, we have developed an extremely practical and elegant solution for connecting forms with labels. Our integrated labels are the perfect solution for mail order forms, invoice forms and delivery notes, since they are easy to handle and time-sabving. We design and personalize all our forms according to your requirements and wishes. More integrated labels...

Integrated label solutions
Integrated Cards

Digikett offers you an effective and visually very attractive alternative to conventional plastic cards. The thin plastic card is integrated into the form and is easily removed from the sheet. The integrated card is laminated on both sides and can be preprinted on request. We offer the unbreakable cards in various shapes and sizes, as well as for various finishing options. The pre-printed form with the integrated card can easily be personalized in your printer as required. More about integrated cards!

Integrated card solutions
machine products

Digikett produces accessories for printing machines and finishing machines. These include "Eurotractors" for transporting pinholed continuous forms, for use in many machines. We have build most of our finishing machines in-house, these include Lamniation, application moduls, and die cutting moduls. They are build modular and can be set up in varioius combinations.

High Speed Inkjet

With new markets and customer demands, we have build a High-Speed-Inkjet modul which can be integrated in existing finishing or production lines. The Digi-M-Jet is a roll feed Inkjet Tower with Memjet Printheads. It´s speed of 102 m/min and a print Quality of 1600 x 1375 DPI makes the Digi-M-Jet ideal for commercial and label printers More machine parts & products...

machine solutions for pinholed paper systems
Security print solutions

Do you work with valuable documents? At Digikett we have a vide range of finishing solutions, weather it is for daily use, Tickets, ID´s or elections priniting. We work closely with our customers to understand and solve their needs, and together we will find the best solutions. With lots of experiece an well trained staff we put lots of effort in delivering highest quality. The security methos include Holograms, special inks, watermarks, numbering and other features depending on the security level. All solutions prevent forgery and counterfitting valuea paper documents. More about Security Printing ...

security printing

Integrated paper solutions with many features:
Digikett is your qualified partner for integrated forms, integrated cards integrated labels.

Save time and money with integrated products

We have the right solution for your every day paper struggle

This has always been our motto, because we find a solution for every problem! The quality of your product is always our priority.

We implement all your special requests! From idear and Layout to a finished mailings.

Integrated Card solutions as we call them DiCard. You can personalize these cards with any of your standard laser printers. The foils used are specially pretreated for your application needs. The integrated card is punched free of bars and is held by a thin carrier foil.

Integrated labels, sometimes called sesame or laser labels, we call them Digikett. These are embedded in a form (sheet of paper), which are provided with a back-gluing. Integrated labels can be used in all conventional printers.

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