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Eurotraktor zum Papiertransport

Eurotractors - Paper transport tractors

EUROTRAKTOR is a technical top product that safely guides edge-punched paper materials in continuous printers, finishing machines and forms production lines.

EUROTRAKTOR is usually driven by 16-spline shafts, but can also be set up - entirely according to the user's wishes.

Papiertransport Traktoren

There are always at least eight pins engaged. This results in a gentle transfer of the pulling and braking forces to the material to be processed.

The bearings can be regularly greased and cleaned of material dust through maintenance points. As a result, the transport performance and life expectancy of the EUROTRAKTOREN (Moore paper tractors) is many times higher than that of conventional products.

In addition, double tractors can double production output for narrow webs. Here, the top section can be removed if wider webs make it necessary.

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The solution for hybrid, digital colour printing!

The "Digi-M-Jet" complete system is a mobile, flexible addition to printing presses. This unit creates possibilities and saves costs by integrating into your existing paper transport systems - with and without ramaliner - and thus offers the possibility of digital printing at maximum speed in CMYK, simplex or duplex, with 1600dpi.

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