Easy Sampler/Stool collector

Patient support for fecal (stool) collection with the easy sampler

The easy sampler kit is made of special paper, which is hygenic and flushable. The stool collector is made to determine information and bacteria which then can be used to prevent cancer.


In the case of a stool samples, it is important to avoid contact with water and other soiling. Only in this way it is possible to get perfect results. With modern toilets it is important to collect samples corectly, without tools this is impossible. Flat flushing toilets are likely to contaminate the sample.


We offer a simple and lucrative alternative that allows easy sampling. Unlike other medical test, stool samples are mostly collected by the patient, to make collection easy for any patient and avoid contamination we have developed an easy sampler.

The stool sampler is attached to the toilet with four small glue points. After use, the stool sampler can be flushed easily and hygienically with a maximum of 3 flushed. Thanks to the water-soluble specialty paper no clogging occurs. The paper dissolves easily in the water.             

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Stool collector/EasySampler

Patient support for stool collecting

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