Digitalprint with memjet technology

High-Speed-Inkjet with memjet technology

With the high-speed inkjet machine, we have expanded our machine park and portfolio and increased our capacity. This allows us to personalize and customized print products. With the Digi-M-Jet, we are able to keep up with the market and satisfy new customer requirements.             

With our strong team and technical understanding, we developed and built our own digital press at Digikett. We constructed and build our own solution. Due to the flexible design and application possibilities of the machine, it can be adapted to the requirements of each job. This creates an enormous added value for our customers, because now we are able to offer cost-effectively variable data and small print runs.

  • Quality: With a print resolution of up to 1600 x 1375 dpi, we can offer high quality printing
  • Speed: at speeds of 102 m / min, print products are printed quickly and efficiently
  • Applications: simplex / duplex and wide web width up to 430mm print width.

Optimal and efficient, the Digi-M-Jet can work inline with other finishing equitment or in-line with a printing press. This saves setup costs.

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Digital-Print (One-to-one)

one-to-one Digitalprint

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