Printing green with Digikett We print "green"!

"Print GREEN" by conviction!

Eco-printing and sustainable media production have not just been with us since yesterday. We were the first print company in Schleswig-Holstein to install a chemical-free CtP system for our production years ago!

For the production of our integrated labels we use a hot glue system which reduces the silicone paper waste by more than 50%!

Of course, that alone is not enough for us!

We obtain the electricity required for the entire company from 100% hydroelectric power and thus avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions.

What starts with electricity, we consistently continue:

Of course, our paper also comes from responsible, renewable cultivation. We produce most of our printed matter on FSC-certified paper.

What we are particularly proud of: DIGIKETT itself is also FSC certified!

But that's not the end of the story either:

DIGIKETT actively supports and develops - on its own initiative - measures to sustainably protect our environment and our climate.

Butterfly in the office

Pictograms of the integrated cards