Hybrid printing with memjet technology

What is Hybrid printing?

with hybrid printing, print products combine conventional offset printing with digital printing.             

The traditional offset printing technology can not be beat in the price, especially in large-scale production, but is not so flexibly. In digital printing, the advantage is that you have variable data/personalized data for the customer and can quickly implement it.          

The advantage of hybrid printing is the combination of the strengths of both printing techniques - the efficiency of offset printing and the flexibility of high speed inkjet printing (digital printing). With this combination we offset print the static data, variable information and pictures are then individualized in the next step in digital printing. This is how you create cost-efficient, personalized print products for your customers.           

Meanwhile traders know many details about their customer base and their buying habit. This knowledge can be used in print products for more effective personalized advertising. In the online area these advantages have been known for a long time and they are used effectively and successfully. But good online advertising is getting more and more expensive. Often this advertising is ignored or recognized as spam (unwanted advertising). You can now use these advantages of personalized advertising with your printed product. Thanks to the hybrid printing with offset and high speed inkjet (HSI), cost-effective personalized printing is now possible for mailings - personally tailored to each customer. In certain areas, especially the regular customer aquise, the print product are supperior and cheaper than online advertising.       

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