Barcode cards / QR-Code Cards

Print your cards with bar/QR codes

With the help of barcodes, you can apply individualized information in the form and on cards, which then can be read by a scanner or smartphone. This allows a fast processing of data on suitable systems.

QR codes can now be read by all popular smartphones via app.

A barcode is used in many ways and is ideally suited as a customer card, credit card or access control. In contrast to normal personalization, the personal Encrypted data stored in the code is not readable by eye.

Compared to a magnetic stripe, the variant with barcode is cheaper and can be evaluated with a simple reader / scanner.

We have a wide range of solutions to personalize your card variably and if necessary 4/4-colored. The lamination additionally protects the card and ensures that the code remains legible. For personalization, we use large roles for our laser printer or our Digi-M-Jet high speed inkjet printing machine, which is personalized inline with offset printing.

What are barcodes? Here we explain more about Barcodes.

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Printed Barcode card

Barcode card

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