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Integrated card solutions customers and on demand printing and personalization

Customer cards are a simple and effective way to recognize and benefit your customers.

The useful thin plastic cards can be customized for your needs and are comptaible with most laserprinters.

The sheet with the integrated customer card can then simply be personlized anytime just as needed.

Many large companies rely on the benefits of. Whether as a simple customer loyalty card or as a card with functions such as reward and discounts.

The Printed customer card - a perfect marketing tool

In times of ever-growing Internet commerce, the conventional stationary trade is gaining momentum in order to bind its customers. Customer cards are a very suitable means for this.

The cards carry personal data and are used to attract new customers or offer special advantages to existing customers. These include, for example, Discount promotions or interesting service or product offers. Also mergers of several regional retailers in one place can use customer cards to keep the potential buyers with special offers in place.

Personalization is an important part of a customer card and can include the name, membership number, address and photo. This information is easy to install on your card with your laser printer.

Would you like a special customer card? Then you will surely find something suitable under our various finishing techniques. You will be amazed at what is possible.

Advantages and functions of integrated customer cards:

  • Identification of the buyer by the customer card
  • Use as an advertising space for sponsors
  • Easy printing with a b / w laser printer
  • Cheaper and more flexible than full plastic cards

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