Printed Loyalty Cards

Integrated Loyalty Cards are great for any Business as it can pe personalized on your Printer

For retailers, bonus and gift cards is ideal for customer loyalty and customer acquisition. The laminated voucher cards have significant advantages and are well received by customers. The Loyalty card is ideal for your next mailing.

The useful integrated card offer added value for your customers.

You can easily integrate the loyalty cards into a personalized mailing - cheaper and easyer handling than full plastic cards. The Gift cards are integrated in the letter sheet, all static data is already pre printed by us in offset printing and you can personalize the cards quickly and easily with your b/w laser printer.

Loyalty cards are a great tool for customer acquisition. By adding Gift and loyalty cards, you encourage your customers to visit your shop regularly by rewarding them with discounts. Since the customers should have the cards with them for eacht visit, the check card format is fitting in to a wallet.

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Printed loyalty card

printed loyalty card

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