Printed Prescription cards

Prescription cards for easy personalisation

Would you like to print and personalize your own presciption cards? With an integrated card, you can easily personalize your glasses with any printer.

The useful thin plastic cards offer added value for opticians and customers.

Eyeglasses are excellent for customer loyalty. On a spectacle presciption pass, there are usually printed information of the customers glass. In addition to the logo for the recognition, the address is important for contact information. This means that the customer always has the most important information about your business within reach. The presciption cards are made by opticians directly in the  Laser printer, personalized and sent or given to the customer. The integrated laminated cards can easily printed and / or personalized with any printer.

Order the finished card, preprinted with your logo and address data. Simply imprint the necessary data for the Personalization of the presciption glas. So the customer always has the necessary information in hiw wallet.

The spectacle pass is also suitable as a customer card. Personal data is already printed on the laminated card. You have the possibility to leave further information of the customer on the map. The card can contain additional information by means of RFID or bar / QR codes. This allows you to implement actions and discounts directly with the card.

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Printed Prescription card

Printed Prescription card

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pictograms of integrated print solutions

pictograms of integrated print solutions