Identification cards and visitor passes

Integrated card solutions for identifikation and on demand printing and personalization

ID Cards are a simple and effective way to recognize staff or members.

The useful thin plastic cards can be customized for your needs and are comptaible with most laserprinters. The sheet with the integrated ID card can then simply be personlized anytime just as needed.

Many large companies rely on the benefits of employee ID. Whether as a simple visual identity card or as a card with functions such as access control with RFID systems. To ensure the safety of ID cards we have wide variety of finishing system for added value.

Student ID cards

Student ID for office printers

IDs are encountered in everyday life. They are used for a wide variety of applications. With the integrated cards, you can print the letter with the needed information directly to card. This allows you to personalize your cards at any time without new costs.

The practical thin plastic cards offer added value for schools and students!

Personalization is an important part of any card and may include an identification number, address, and photo. This information is simply imprinte on a laser printer. Simply print a new card at any time with no extra cost, and let your students benefit from many discount deals.

To ensure that your ID cards are copy-protected and counterfeit-proof, the cards can get added security features. Discover the possibilities to create individual and secure ID solutions.

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More integrated card solutions

Printed student ID-Cards

printed student id

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