Integrated cards Personalization

We make your product an eye-catcher!

Finishing your print products:

After offset printing, we can further refine your printed product.


Barecodes are in our every day life: Barcodes help uniquely identify and assign packages and articles. They are also a highly efficient means of transport in the logistics sector and store shops.     

Do you need a barcode? as access authorization? No problem. No matter, Code128, Code39, EAN or any other barcode! Whether with or without check digit - all this is possible.


QR codes


QR codes = Quick response codes = "fast response"


Print a QR code with your address, phone number and internet address on an integrated card, and your customers will find you even faster.

Or use the opportunity to direct your customers directly into your online shop. The possibilities of the QR codes are varied. We will be glad to help you.


Please count!


Tickets, season tickets, lots and consumption vouchers are just a few examples where numbering makes sense. This allows you to print each individual print product / individual customer


Name your customers by name:


Personalized, individual cover letters allow you a personal target group approach for more response.


Digital colour Print


Each sheet is an individual product! Contact a single customer with each individual sheet: address, individual image as an offer or contact person. There are no limits to your creativity.

Contact us for more information, so we can help to fibd the perfect soulution.

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pictograms of integrated print solutions