PIN mailings

PIN letters allow you to print confidential information with laser printers and securely send them by post.

You do not need to leave your data out of the house with our Fiscode foil and can easily personalize the letters on your printer.

The PIN field is covered with a special foil which then is printed and can then be removed from the form. The information is only visible after the film has been loosened. This allows you to print your confidential data directly to your printer.

Your customers' trust is important, especially when it comes to personal data. With our pin mailers, you can safely print confidential information without having to share the data with third parties.

Creating counterfeit-proof documents is often very cost-intensive, so we have stock pin mailers here Stockforms as stock merchandise, which is produced in high print runs which we can offer at low prices.

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Laser Pin mailer

Papier mit PIN-Feld

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