DK-STOFO-CARD001 - Unbreakable DiCard

The unbreakable DiCard is integrated into an A4 paper so that it can be used with any standard office paper printer. The recipient can easily remove the splitcard from the form.

The fields of application could be:

  • Exemption certificates
  • Blood cards
  • membership cards
  • train tickets
  • Season tickets
  • loyalty Cards
  • and much more


  • Format: DIN A4 - an integrated card
  • Card: 86 x 54 mm
  • Stand: 18 mm from the bottom and 15 mm from the right
  • Paper: hf 120g white
  • Laminate: Front: 50 my strong, clear, laser-capable
    Back: 100 my strong, clear
  • Printing: item number in black
  • Packing unit: 250 sheets per carton

This product is suitable for the following types of printers:

Integrated cards für s/w-Laserdrucker

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Drawing: DK-STOFO-CARD001

DK-STOFO-CARD001 - technische Zeichnung

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Pictograms of the integrated cards