DK-STOFO-LAB033 - one integrated label 96 x 64 mm

DIN A4 paper with integrated label 96 x 64 mm

The removable, self-adhesive label element is ideal as an address label in the delivery note or invoice and can be easily printed in one step.

This form with integrated label is compatible with common online shop software and offers plenty of space for the customer address and other shipping information.

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Technical data:

  • Format: DIN A4 - one integrated label
  • label: 96 x 64 mm
  • Position: 10 mm from the bottom and 10 mm from the left
  • Paper: 80g white
  • Foil: Back: Transfer foil
  • Print: Article number in black
  • Packaging unit: 500 sheets per carton

This product is suitable for the following printer types:

Integrated labels für s/w-Laserdrucker Im Papier integriertes Etikett geeignet für Farb-Laserdrucker Dieses integrierte Etikett ist Tintenstrahldrucker geeignet Dieses Papier mit integriertem Etikett ist geeignet für Nadeldrucker signaturfähige integrierte Etiketten
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DK-STOFO-LAB033 - technische Zeichnung

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