Über Digikett About Digikett

Digikett GmbH through the ages



Digikett has a booth at Drupa The Digi-M-Jet is shown to the public - first print results 4-color high-resolution at 100 meters/minute! Duplex for full-color digital printing


Third generation of Bracht: Sebastian-Philip Bracht completes his studies and works in the company.




OEM contract with Memjet


First full-color high-performance digital printing machine is being designed: Digi-M-Jet




Purchase an existing 2000 square meters printing shop with 400 square meters of office. The move is completed during operation.


Installation of a new Konica Digital color printer for small print runs




The Internet shop is set up and constantly expanded



New cultivation to create space for the third Taiyo UV reel-offset press with a total of 6 different formats.


A new Digilamer for different special products complements the machine park.


The company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2008




10 years of Digikett GmbH


A new office building with production building is inaugurated     

Now there is space for the second Taiyo UV roll offset printing machine



The Dutch Postbank licenses Digikett for the production of security documents.


Six Digilams have been installed



"Ethic in Business" Award presented by Ulrich Wickert




The first single-color digital roll-fed printing machine is put into operation.


Extensive orders with bar coding are produced.




A CtP system has been installed. The device works without chemicals and therefore without pollution of the environment. The investment is funded by the environmental agency at € 40,000 because it is a pilot project.




The second laminating line - called DigiLamer - is installed from our own production. The product range is expanded and laser-inscribable PIN letters are made.     



At last, the company's own premises were moved to Glücksburg. Thus the expensive Hamburg city rents could be significantly reduced.


Consolidation of the companies Print Support GmbH and Hitec GmbH. All activities were at Digikett GmbH in collaboration with Hans-Wolfgang Bracht and Mark-Sebastian Bracht.     

At the same time, the Taiyo printing machine is upgraded to 4-color UV offset. The product range is expanded and integrated customer cards are developed by double-sided lamination.




The starting shot for Digikett GmbH fell on 1 January 1996 in Hamburg. Managing Director Hans-Wolfgang Bracht.


Until now, the continuous form printing company was named Datajet GmbH. With the spread of powerful sheet laser printers, the need for continuous forms has fallen sharply.         

A new start with the move to Glücksburg / Ostsee, with new ideas and motivated employees was dared.


The product: labels, integrated in the form, allow for cost savings and security. Digital labeling of form and label is fast and one            Interchanges between the goods certificate and the destination are excluded. So our name became "Digi" for digital labeling and "Kett" for the labels in the form.




Moving to the Holstenkamp 42nd Managing Director Rita Richert




Installation of the first Taiyo Kikai TOF as 3 color machine




Renaming the company to Datajet Endlos Schnell-Druckerei GmbH




Establishment of Dataform Geschäftsdrucke GmbH as a shop window printer with a Form-All C38. Managing Director Detlef Schramm

Pictograms of the integrated cards