"Printing GREEN" by conviction!

Eco-printing and sustainable media production have not just been with us since yesterday -
We adhere to it out of pure conviction!

From now on, you have the opportunity to even support us in our sustainability in our online shop! In addition to your paper order, order e.g. one m2 wildflower meadow, 0.25 m2 shares in an insect hotel or even a bee sponsorship!

100% Ökostrom seit mehr als 15 JahrenGeschlossen Kleisläufe in unserer ProduktionEigene Energieversorgung mit SolarenergieElektro-Mobilität bei DigikettForest Stewardship CouncilChemiefreie Produktion

100 % green electricity

Digikett has been using only 100 % green electricity for over 15 years now.

Without electricity, nothing runs and the farm would be dark. We show a sense of responsibility and take action! For a long time now, our entire operation has been powered only by green electricity. The green electricity comes 100 % from renewable energies (hydroelectric power). We made this decision together with our responsible public utility company, which supports us in the implementation.

100 % Ökostrom bei Digikett

Closed loop

In our production we collect, sorted by type, all offcuts and any kind of residual paper. This well-sorted "paper waste" is delivered to a large paper mill directly in our vicinity. This paper mill turns our "waste paper" into 100% recycled paper. In turn, we buy the recycled paper for the production of all our recycled paper-based products. In this way, all resources are sensibly recycled and reused.

Closed loop - Geschlossene Kreisläufe

Solar energy

Our latest ecological contribution

First we renovated the roof of our company and then, in the next step, we also invested in a solar plant. As soon as the construction is finally completed, all electric vehicles will be charged with our self-produced "solar power".

Solar-Energie bei Digikett


The journey of the employees to the company should of course also be as ecological as possible. Daher stellen wir unseren Kollegen Elektro-Fahrzeuge – Auch zur privaten Nutzung – zur Verfügung.

Die Fahrzeuge können an den beiden firmeneigenen Wallboxen mit 100 % Ökostrom geladen werden. Natürlich auch von unseren Kunden und Vetretern.
More than 80 % of our company fleet is purely electric. More than 60 % of our staff use electric vehicles to get to work. The management even comes on foot.

The following vehicles are currently (as of the end of 2022) in the company:

  • 6 Electric cars
  • 1 Hybrid car
  • 5 electric bicycles
  • Electric forklift truck
The next vehicles have been ordered and are, hopefully, already on their way to us.
Elektro Mobilität bei Digikett

FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council®


Of course, Digikett has also been FSC-certified for over 10 years!

The globally valid standards and the support of renowned companies give FSC the best solution for sustainable forest management. The independent audits for certification take place regularly, at least once a year. In this way, the FSC system ensures the continued use of forests in accordance with the ecological, economic and social needs of present and future generations.

Environmentally friendly

Preservation of the ecological processes, biodiversity & productivity of the forest

Socially beneficial

The whole society as well as the local population is supported in forest management.

Economically successful

The financial profit must not come from stressing the ecosystem, communities or forest resources.

The official German website of the FSC
Forest Stewardship Council

Digikett has been chemical-free since 2003

We stand for a chemical-free production of your products!

In 2003, we installed a completely chemical-free CtP, and we also refrain from using chemical products in further production.

Chemiefreie Produktion

Because only "printing green" is not enough, we also pay attention to sustainability with our suppliers and shipping partners:

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