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Integrated cards are a type of card that combines multiple functions or information into one physical card. This can include a variety of different features such as magnetic stripes, barcodes, RFID chips, and even contactless payment capabilities.

These cards can be used in a wide range of applications, including identification, access control, and financial transactions. They are commonly used in industries such as government, healthcare, and banking. They are also used in many different types of card-based systems, such as access control systems, time and attendance systems, and loyalty programs. Integrated cards can also be customized to include a specific design or branding, making them a great option for businesses looking for a professional and customized product.

Security Print

For many card solutions security features are crucial! Especially when the card has a given value or is used as a Annual pass or a ticket. Then the card will need to have security print.

We offer a wide range of Security features which will make any card counterfeit prof. Plus it makes the card look great and valuable.

Paper with blank integrated cards
Stock integrated cards

Integrated cards

Digikett offers you an effective and visually appealing alternative to traditional, bulky and complex plastic cards. The thin plastic card is integrated into the form and can be easily removed. The integrated card is laminated on both sides and is delivered pre-printed according to your request. We manufacture the tear-resistant cards in various shapes and sizes and for various finishing options. The finished products, directly from the manufacturer, can be easily printed in your existing office printer.

Trade fair badges / name tags
Trade fair badges / name tags

Trade fair badges / name tags

Get the Best Name Badges / Integrated Butterfly Cards - Ideal for Laser Printers
Elevate your event with high-quality integrated name badges. These badges are perfect for trade fairs, events and more. The laminated material makes them durable and resistant to tear and weather damage. Personalize the badges with ease, without the need for special printers. Make a lasting impression with our integrated name badges today.

Integrated ID cards
ID card solutions

Discover High-Quality ID Card Solutions for Your Business Needs

ID cards play a crucial role in our daily lives and are used for a range of purposes. Make the process easier with our integrated ID cards that allow you to directly apply information to the laminated surface. Personalize the cards whenever necessary using your laser printer without incurring additional costs. Get the most efficient and cost-effective ID card solutions today.

Digikett Onlineshop
Digikett Onlineshop

Shop for High-Quality Integrated Labels, Papers and Cards with Ease Online!

Find everything you need for your printing needs with ease and convenience in our online store. Whether it's integrated labels, papers with integrated cards, tamper-proof tickets, luggage tags or dry gum papers, we guarantee you'll find the perfect product for your requirements! Browse and order now for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Print finishing
Print Finishing

Enhance Your Printing with Advanced Techniques

Maximize your branding with hot stamping holograms, holographic films, fluorescent colors, thermochromatic colors, metameric colors and guilloche designs in our printing services. Enhance the security and visual appeal of your products with our advanced printing techniques.

Integrated Cards: Applications and Benefits
Applications for integrated cards

Maximizing Service & Security with Paper Integrated Cards: Applications and Benefits

Simplify and secure your identification systems with our paper integrating cards. Ideal for guest cards in vacation areas, membership IDs, student IDs, name tags, bonus cards, trade show passes, annual passes and more.

Introducing the Unbreakable DiCard - the Ultimate Integrated Card Solution for Your Mailings!

Maximize the impact of your mailings with the integrated DiCard - an innovative product that integrates a card into a sheet for seamless printing with any laser printer. Simply remove the Butterfly Card from the form for use. The integrated card features premium UV offset printing with options for multicolor printing, holograms, and more. It is lightweight, making it ideal for postage optimization, and the thin but sturdy double-sided foil lamination makes it unbreakable and environmentally friendly.

With integrated pop out cards, you can enjoy the security of handling your customer data in-house without the need to share it with third parties. The card layout is limitless, allowing for endless creativity in design. Choose from offset or digital printing and position the card in any location - left, right, up, down, or center - to meet your specific needs. Select from different sizes or cards with punched holes for lanyards and use with any office printer for maximum versatility.

In addition to design and placement advantages, DiCard offers several other benefits, including laser compatibility, tear- and weather-resistant materials, lower cost compared to hard plastic cards, and the ability to process data in-house, personalize, number, create barcodes, and QR codes. Save on postage costs and enjoy easy handling of the card for versatile applications with integrated peel out card. Choose the individual design and size that fits your needs and elevate your mailings to the next level with this innovative solution.

There are no limitations on the card layout!

The multicolor UV offset printing ensures maximum attention and the possibility to add a hologram. The thin but sturdy double-sided foil lamination makes the integrated cards unbreakable and reduces weight by over 80% compared to conventional plastic cards. Integrated card is also an eco-friendly alternative.

The DiCard is an innovative solution that offers many advantages in handling, making it the ultimate choice for your mailings. Contact us today to find the right solution for your needs!

Design, placement, and size - the possibilities are endless!

Looking for a unique design or unusual size? Let your imagination run wild with the integrated pop out card. Our team can print the sheets and card in offset or digital printing to your specifications. The card placement can be customized to your needs - left, right, up, down, or center. Choose from other sizes or cards with punched holes for lanyards. The peel our or butterfly card can easily be used with any office printer.

Integrated cards offer numerous advantages:

  • Laser compatible
  • Tear and weather resistant
  • More affordable than hard plastic cards
  • In-house data processing
  • Personalization, numbering, barcodes, and QR codes
  • Integrated into the sheet
  • Versatile application
  • Easy card handling
  • Reduced postage costs
  • Individual design
  • Freely selectable size and placement

Call us or send us an email to find the right solution for you!

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