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From the idea to the finished print product - we accompany you every step of the way.

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Typesetting department - or: How it all begins

Digikett has its own professional typesetting studio. Here, you are welcome to look over our shoulder and see how our experienced employees turn your ideas and concepts into reality. Our aim is always to create high-quality results of the highest quality. Real eye-catchers!

For the realisation of your designs, we offer you a range of novel design possibilities through the use of the most innovative technology.

Currently, all print data is processed on a MAC OS X basis.

In order to keep costs and effort as low as possible for you and to guarantee a fast and smooth process, you will find a PDF file here as a guide to data preparation.

Do you have any questions for our typesetting department? Then send an e-mail to:

Technik von Digikett

CTP / Computer-to-Plate - Your print data comes from the computer to the printing plate.

The easy-to-use Dimension CTP system is designed to increase overall plate throughput and pressroom productivity. Based on Presstek ProFire imaging technology, the system offers reliability, versatility, speed and high quality. Productivity is optimised by automating individual steps and eliminating time-consuming pre-press procedures.

Environmental friendliness

Digikett is committed to making the offset printing process as environmentally friendly as possible. Using a chemical-free ablative thermal process, the daylight-safe Anthem® and Applause® printing plates are directly exposed and require no baking, gumming or chemical development. The Applause® plate is ready to print immediately after exposure, while the Anthem® plate requires only a simple wash with water for cleaning.

Consistency and precision

By going directly from file to plate, we eliminate irregularities and other problems that can occur in a conventional workflow. The Dimension CTP workflow achieves a high level of consistency - without fluctuations in image quality that can be caused by emulsion irregularities, processor and chemistry conditions, exposure problems or even changes in environmental conditions.

Shorter makeready and press times

The CTP thermal plates allow faster makeready and press times, optimal ink/water management and thus guarantee a greatly reduced consumption of chemical additives in the press than would be the case when using conventional plates.

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Taiyo1, Taiyo2 und Taiyo3 von Digikett

Taiyo 1 - our "smallest" printing press

Our "little one" is just under 14 metres long and weighs a good 10 tonnes. The Taiyo TOF with variable printing inserts from 8" to 17" has proven to be the ideal press for short and medium runs.

A perfect fit on every job!



Inline in the press:

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Taiyo 2

The Taiyo TOF with variable print inserts from 14" to max 32" is an ideal press for medium and long runs.

UV Offset / Widerregister / Servo motors - everything to produce a perfect print product.

Formats Equipment:

Inline in the press:

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Taiyo 3

The Taiyo TOF with variable format printing inserts from 17" to 23⅓" and max 24" is an ideal press for long runs.

Everything to produce a perfect print product.

Formats Equipment:

Inline in the press:

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Lamination - your printed product is finished (on both sides) with film.

Digikett's laminating lines are designed and built in-house. This means that any problems that may arise in production processes can be specifically taken into account.

Our DigiLamers are not only designed for whole paper pages, but offer the special advantage of laminating selected areas in all sizes. And this also on both sides!

The high-quality laminating foils used by Digikett are purchased from renowned manufacturers in Europe and Asia. This guarantees - especially when processing foils with holograms - special security for the end product.

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Laser personalisation - Now individual data such as barcodes can be applied to your printed product.

Laserpersonalisierung mit der Nipson

Personalisation with the most advanced technology!

Flash fusing or cold laser describes the laser technology for sensitive papers, for example: chemically coated, temperature-sensitive, particularly thin or even thick papers. Combined with precise paper guidance - robust for strong paper and long running performance.

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Hot stamping - as an eye-catcher or copy protection

Veredelung mit Heißprägehologrammen

Hot stamping is a high-quality finishing process in which heat and pressure are used to transfer certain motifs onto the paper via a special foil.

This technique requires special stamps made of brass or steel.

The hot stamping foils can also have holographic properties. They then serve as effective copy protection for your products.

Hot stamping foils are necessary for many finishing processes: nach oben



Folding & enveloping - The finishing touch for your mailing

Whether spiral fold, cross fold or altar fold.

Of course we can fold your printed matter if you wish.

These options are available

For mailing runs mostly inline with the finishing machine


After folding to the current dispatch format, we can also envelope and dispatch your printed matter.

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