Integrated label solutions

Paper medical labels and functions
Medical Label Forms

Why error-free labelling is crucial in the medical industry?

In the medical industry, labels play a crucial role and must meet specific criteria to ensure accuracy. The pharmaceutical labels can be made of either plastic materials or paper, depending on the purpose. It is crucial to determine the purpose of the labels before selecting the appropriate material. To avoid confusion between label, form, and sample, barcodes can be printed on a conventional laser printer. Additionally, pharmaceutical labels must be temperature and adhesive-resistant to ensure durability during transportation, storage, and use. These qualities are essential to maintain the integrity of the labels in the medical industry.

PIN Mailer
PIN mailings / LaserPIN-Letters

Secure PIN Mailings with LaserPIN-Letters

LaserPIN is a patented product by DIGIKETT that allows you to easily personalize confidential information on a laser printer. With Fiscode foil, you can securely send PIN mailings without leaving your data outside your house. The PIN field is covered with a special foil, which is printed and then removed from the form. Confidential information is only visible after removing the film, allowing you to print your sensitive data directly on your printer. DIGIKETT's PIN mailers provide a cost-effective solution to create counterfeit-proof documents, produced in high print runs with low prices. Build trust with your customers by safely printing confidential information with LaserPIN-Letters.

printed window labels
Printed Window Labels

Personalized and Secure Printed Car Vignettes

Printed car vignettes are an easy and convenient way to label and personalize your vehicle. Each vignette can be printed with a license plate and name, and the A4 paper with integrated car vignette is compatible with any laser printer. The form allows for personalized information such as name and address to be combined with the vignette, saving time and effort. After printing, the vignette can be placed on the car in the desired location. Our integrated products include additional security features such as holograms to prevent counterfeiting. With our printed car vignettes, your vehicle will be both personalized and secure.

luggage identification tags
Integrated Luggage Tags

Personalized Box Tags: An Ideal Solution for Luggage Identification

Personalized box tags, embedded in forms, can be customized with barcodes and names, making them an ideal solution for luggage identification and recognition to prevent loss or misplacement of baggage. These integrated luggage tags can be easily personalized on a laser printer, ensuring quick and error-free processing. By using personalized box tags, luggage can be easily identified and tracked, giving travellers peace of mind when travelling.

resident parking permit
Integrated Parking Permits

Personalized and Secure Parking Permits for Residents

Many cities and municipalities offer parking permits to residents for free parking. Personalization is crucial for parking permits, and we offer a range of solutions to meet individual needs. The parking permits can be easily personalized with the resident's name and license plate number, using any office printer. To ensure authenticity, we provide a wide range of security features for our integrated products, including resident parking permits. Our papers with integrated resident parking permits provide peace of mind for both residents and authorities, ensuring that only authorized vehicles park in designated areas.

VOID label
Security Labels

Protect your products with Security Labels

Security labels are a simple and effective way to protect your products from tampering or unauthorized access. Integrated void labels look like normal labels, but reveal their strength when removed, displaying a checkered pattern or the word "VOID." This makes it clear that the package or device has been opened. Void labels are often used as proof of guarantee and provide an additional layer of security to your products.

Scratch off label
Scratch Fields

Creative Uses of Scratch Fields

Scratch fields are versatile and offer various possibilities to hide information, such as PIN or voucher codes, making them a safe solution. However, scratch fields are not only practical but also playful, as they can be used for profit games, bonus codes, and lotto. Let your creativity run wild with scratch fields!

First aid labels
Carglass Label Protection

Protect Your Windshield with Carglass Label Plasters

Carglass label plasters offer first aid for your windshield by protecting it from dust and dirt until it can be repaired. Simply glue the label to the damaged area immediately after a stone impact. The space-saving windshield first aid kit can be easily stored in your car's glove compartment. These labels are not only practical for car owners, but also a great promotional item for mailings and giveaways. We offer custom-designed label plasters that can be integrated into flyers, brochures, and even business cards.

Stamp paper
Dry gummed paper / Stamp paper

Gummed Label Paper: A Versatile and Convenient Labelling Solution

Gummed label paper is an ideal labelling solution that adheres to various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, glass, wood, metal and ceramic. It can be printed using a standard laser printer, making it a convenient option for home and office use. This type of label is treated with a special adhesive on the back, which is activated by moistening the rubberized side of the paper. The adhesive is strong and provides a permanent bond when dry. However, the label can be easily removed by re-moistening and can be reused. Gummed label paper is particularly suitable for glass containers, such as honey, jam, or jelly jars, where a strong adhesive is needed to ensure the label remains in place. When moistening the label, it is important to ensure that the rubberized side is moistened evenly and cleanly, using a sponge and avoiding soaking the paper in water.

Integrated Label Solutions for Various Industries: Medical, Luggage, Parking Permits, Vignettes, Scratch Fields, Security, Car Glass, Gummed Paper, and Laser-PIN Mailer

Integrated label solutions are essential in various industries to ensure efficient and secure labeling. In the medical sector, labels must meet strict criteria to prevent errors and guarantee safety. Labels can be made of plastic or paper, and the choice depends on the intended use. Another application of integrated labels is for luggage tags, which can be customized with barcodes and personal information for easy identification and to prevent loss. Parking permits for residents are also available, and can be personalized with license plate and resident name. In addition, vignettes can be integrated into a form and personalized for each vehicle with license plate and name. Scratch fields have diverse applications and offer a playful aspect to any product, including security features such as hiding PINs or voucher codes. Integrated void labels are a simple security feature that reveal their strength when removed, and indicate if a package or device has been opened. Carglass labels provide immediate protection for windshields against dust and dirt, and gummed label paper has a special glue on the back that is activated by moistening. LaserPIN Mailers are a patented product that can be easily personalized on a laser printer.

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