First aid for your windscreen

"First aid" labels for your windshield are ideal for mailings and give aways

Everyone knows it: once too close and a stone hits the windshield. These can now be easily repaired and are often taken over by the insurance company. Stone flaps on the windshield should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent damage.

Since this usually happens only a few days later, we have a successful solution. The First aid windshield label can quickly and easily be placed on the broken part. The transparent label prevents it further damage and protects against dirt.

The windshield first aid kid is space-saving and can easily be stowed in the glove compartment. They are ideal for mailing or give-aways.


We produce custom-designed label plasters for your advertising material. The transparent film is integrated into a flyer or brochure. Business cards can also be fitted with label plasters.


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First aid for windshields

First aid for windshields

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