Dry gummed paper / Stamp paper

Dry gummed paper adheres to paper, cardboard, glass, wood, metal, ceramic.

The dry-gummed paper can be printed with a commercially available laser printer.

Stamp paper is a label that has been treated with a special adhesive on the back. To activate the adhesive, the rubberized side must be moistened - similar to a stamp.

The adhesive is full on the back and is activated by moistening. After drying, the label has a good permanent adhesion.

The label can be removed easily and cleanly at any time by re-moistening. It is particularly suitable for glass (for example honey jam or jam jars).


When moistening the paper label, please ensure that the rubberized side is moistened. Here you should moisten the paper evenly and cleanly - it is recommended to use a sponge. Do not soak the paper in water.

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Dry gummed paper

Paper for moistening as label

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