Protect Your Goods and Documents with VOID Labels

Self-destructive Security labels

Void labels, also known as self-destructive labels, security labels, or tamper-evident labels, provide reliable protection against unauthorized removal, transfer, or tampering attempts. These specialized seals use powerful adhesives and special films that tear easily and irreversibly into small pieces when removed. Void labels are the modern successor to the traditional wax seal that was irreparably broken and destroyed upon opening.

The application of void labels is simple but extremely effective. The labels can be easily removed from their backing and applied to the desired surface. However, once the adhesive has fully adhered, any attempt to remove the label will result in its immediate and obvious destruction. Void labels are used wherever the security label cannot be removed undetected after application.

By triggering the destruction process immediately upon removal attempts, fraudsters are prevented from carrying out their criminal intentions. Void labels are ideal for securely sealing all types of packaging, preventing return fraud, unauthorized relabelling, removal, additio,n or alteration of contents, abuse, and warranty tricks. Void labels help prevent disputes, as the torn label offers no grounds for discussion.

Void labels can be used both indoors and outdoors. High-quality self-destructive PE and polystyrene films are available for secure and controllable sealing of packages, commercial goods, documents, containers, and many other indoor applications. For outdoor use, where labels are exposed to weather, UV radiation, heat, moisture, and possible other external influences such as chemicals or other substances, a sturdy PVC document film is recommended.

Blank and pre-printed void labels are available for customization. Blank void labels are the easiest method to protect packaging and envelopes against unauthorized opening or to make it visibly apparent that it has been opened. The easily tearing security films are available in different formats and designs.

Examples of applications for blank void labels include:

  • Secure sealing of packages, software, CDs, online goods
  • Sealing envelopes, documents, contracts, plans
  • Seals to maintain the integrity of sample containers, evidence, and cargo

While blank void labels are useful, customized void labels offer an additional layer of security. Unique void label designs can be created to match the branding of a company or to make it more difficult for fraudsters to replicate the label. With customized void labels, you can be sure that your goods and documents are protected against unauthorized access or tampering.

In conclusion, void labels are a cost-effective and reliable solution for securing your goods and documents. With the ease of application and irreversible destruction upon removal, void labels are an ideal option for anyone seeking to protect their assets from fraudulent activity.


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