DK-STOFO-LAB003/H - one integrated shipping label 180 x 120 mm

DIN A4 paper with integrated shipping label


The self-adhesive, removable label element optimises the time spent processing your Internet parcel labels! Like all our integrated labels, it can be labelled easily with any conventional printer and is suitable for parcel shipping with e.g.: Hermes.


There is a self-adhesive peel-off label on one half of a sheet and normal printer paper on the other. Simply insert the shipping labels into the printer (please follow the instructions of the printer manufacturer), print out the postage paid impression and stick the self-adhesive label onto your shipment. The other half of the A4 sheet serves as proof of posting.


Please note: This product is suited to be used in your printer "head out first". If you experience problems with the cross feed in your printer, we recommend DK-STOFO-LAB003/T.



  • Format: DIN A4 - an integrated package
  • Label: 180 x 120 mm
  • Stand: 15 mm from the bottom and 15 mm from the right and left
  • Paper: hf 80g white
  • Foil: Back: Hot glue with silicone paper and dry strips
  • Printing: item number in black
  • Packing unit: 500 sheets per carton

This product is suitable for the following types of printers:

Integrated labels für s/w-Laserdrucker Im Papier integriertes Etikett geeignet für Farb-Laserdrucker Dieses integrierte Etikett ist Tintenstrahldrucker geeignet Dieses Papier mit integriertem Etikett ist geeignet für Nadeldrucker signaturfähige integrierte Etiketten

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